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Purple Rain Hoop

Purple Rain Hoop

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The Purple Rain collapsible hoop, named after the song by Prince, is the perfect welcome as the Monsoon rains roll in ☔

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Strong, durable taped hoops:Secured with a protective transparent layer to keep the beautiful colours away from foreign objects (dust, debris, bhuri nazar, etc.,)

The lightest taped hoops out there:'A sliver of shimmer' as we call them, these tapes defy the laws of Hoop Tape-istry with their thin yet durable material, not to forget that these hoops are made of 19 mm or 3/4" diameter HDPE tubing keeping the weight just under 250 g (depending on the size).

These hoops are custom-made featherweights. The slim design and material makes them lighter than most taped hoops on the market and much, much easier to use.

If you're a beginner or looking to level up in our specific style of flow, trust us on this.

Collapsible:The size of the hoop shrinks to half it's size when collapsed! Easy to store at home or in suitcases and backpacks when you're travelling. No more awkward fumbling with hoops in public transportation.

Each hoop comes with a snug hoop bag to make travelling with them a lot more hassle-free

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Customer Reviews

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Febi A.
Smooth flowing

This is my first time buying from hoop flo and i am in love with the hoop. I love the fact that how it is portable and carry around wherever i want to go. My friends were also able to hoop as it was a 42 inch hoop

We're so thrilled to hear this! Thank you for sharing x

Jinali Haria
30 inch hoop for those cool off body stuff!!

This time I ordered the 30 inch purple rain hoop to learn some off body tricks! And I am super happy with this new baby!!

Example response to the review.

Jinali Haria
Very lightweight, body responsive HDPE dance hoops!!

Hola! This is Jinali here. Honestly where do I begin. I guess hoop flo is the only current hoopmakers in India that are making lightweight 100 psi or less psi HDPE hoops with gorgeous colors!!

Hooping called out to me to heal through movement, to connect with my own body, mind, soul in a deeply through hoop flow.

But I experimented with different hoops from other sources and I wasn't happy with my hoops until Hoop flo came into birthing.

So I really have to thank you all at Hoop flo to be out here making quality dance hoops!!

Prerna Singh

Hello🌈 I really like your products. Please launch one 28” or 26” size hoops 😊

Muskan Nagpal
I loved the stickers, so unexpected!

I have a new relationship with my body. It's fantastic!