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For queries related to your order shipment, delivery, tracking details, a return or an exchange, please email us at support@hoopflo.com or call our Shop Manager, Sanidhya at +919477543787. You can also DM us on Instagram at @hoop.flo. 
(Our response rate is fastest on call or DMs)

Below are some of the other frequently asked questions that we get in our inbox and DMs, on the daily:

1. Do you take regular classes?
We used to, but post lockdown a lot changed. Currently, we have an online pre-recorded course that teaches you the basics of hoop dancing, from hooping to your waist, to neck, to knees to transitioning them to different body parts. You can head here to enroll yourself: The Basics 

2. Do you take private lessons or workshops?
Yes. But you will have to follow Eshna Kutty (@eshnakutty) on Instagram for updates on her upcoming workshops and private session openings. In case you're not on Instagram, you can join our mailing list to get all email updates from us. Email us at support@hoopflo.com. 

2. Do you host corporate workshops? 

Yes! You can email me directly at eshna@hoopflo.com to take this further. 

Hooping for all Ages

1. Do you have classes for kids? Where can my kid learn to hoop?
Our course, The Basics, is technically tailored to adults but should be accessible to even kids with the supervision of a parent. It can be a fun activity to indulge in with your child.
As for live classes, I've been teaching children for two years so now I'm taking a quick break. I plan to come back to them soon. They are the most fun and giving age group to teach!

2. What size hoop is good for my kid?
Generally, a size 30 inch hoop should work great for most children above the age of 5-6 years.

3. I'm 50+ years, can I still learn to hula hoop?
I'm so excited to tell you that age wise there is NO restriction. I've even taught my Thatha (grandpa) to hoop!


1. How do I reach you and your team?
The best place to reach us (and the quickest way) is on Instagram (the digital world is moving so fast!). But for more important matters you can reach out to me directly at eshna@hoopflo.com.

For more social updates, you can follow our official Instagram account: @hoop.flo



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