About Us

Hoop Flo, founded by Eshna Kutty, has everything you need to hoop right here. If you're looking to shop, learn or join a thriving community of movers and artists, we've got you covered.

After hooping through the pandemic with our online students, we launched Hoop Flo in December, 2020. The lockdown showed us all how much we needed, even craved, some movement and activity. Endorphins, self-expression, muscle tone, more confidence and comfort in our bodies... These were just a few things that hooping brought us in 2020. Now, we're opening this movement of movers up to you.

Hoop Flo is based in India and our team is WFH in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. We're staying active too, with our morning yoga sessions before we get down to business for the day. We're also all hoopers! Well, kind of. Some of the team have been hooping for a decade, and some for just a few weeks. No matter what level you're at, we have something for you:

  • If you'd like to start from the beginning, you can check out our course: The Basics. It's in the name.

  • If you're looking to find a new hoop, check out our collapsible, travel-friendly hoops here.

If you want to get in touch with us, email us at support@hoopflo.com for anything you need. If you've got a creative idea and want to work together, we'd love to hear it at team@hoopflo.com


The Hoop Flo Team