Size Chart


Picking your hoop size can be a bit challenging. If the following below confuses you, take a peak at our FAQs for more answers. 


Based on your Size :

Hoop Size Clothing Size Height Waist
30 inch XS- S 5’3 ft and below 24- 28
33 inches S-M 5’4ft - 5’5ft 28- 30
36 inches M- L 5’5 ft- 5’7 ft 31- 33
42 inches XL- 2XL 5’5ft and above 33- 36

Based on Skill (For Total Beginners):

Hoop Size Clothing Size Easy to Learn (for all body types): More hard work needed : (For all body types)
30 inch Small Hoop tricks like isolations, chest rolls, escalators + palm/hand hooping Hula hooping on body - Waist/ Chest/ Knees etc.
33 inches Medium A great in-between size so: Beginner friendly tricks and waist hooping both are easier on this. Challenging if you’re a bigger size.
36 inches Large Waist, Chest, & Knee Hooping. Challenging for the shorter peeps to learn hoop dancing tricks because of it’s size.
42 inches Extra Large Waist hooping, chest & shoulder hooping, turns It’s not designed for tricks. It’s got just one purpose- help you master waist hooping.

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