Upcoming Online Hoop Classes: Kids & Adults Batches

Unlock the thrill of hoop dancing in our exhilarating 4-week program! Experience 8 dynamic sessions, 7 with our resident Hoop Flo Instructor and a special 90 min masterclass by Eshna Kutty.

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Hi! Eshna here x

As a hoop dancer, teacher, expressive art therapist, and the brain behind Hoop Flo, I'm thrilled you're here!
I founded this company after noticing a pattern: folks came to learn hooping but left more in tune with their bodies, radiating newfound confidence that outshone any hoop trick, as if the hoops whispered secrets of self-acceptance.
Recognizing the need for accessible, lightweight hoops that don’t bruise, and tired of directing students to foreign brands, we rolled up our sleeves and created our own!

And then what happened?