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Travel Hoop Strap

Travel Hoop Strap

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The Problem 

We noticed that carrying one hoop was fine. But two, or three, or five... If you're travelling, want to bring extra for friends, or just like having more than one size at arms length — we feel you!

The Solution 💡

You can now set fire to your clunky hoop bags that hit your butt with every step. FORGET about carrying bare hoops that clatter against each other, you and the floor.

With hoop straps you can dance, climb mountains, slay dragons, win the heart of the princess and never drop your hoops again 😭✨

The Ingredients 🍜

These are the first of their kind in the hoop world, so we went all out for quality.

  • Sleek brass buckles and leather straps make for a secure yet supple fastening mechanism. These bad boys can hold up to 3 hoops at a time depending on the sizes.
  • The adjustable length (0.5m to 1m) means comfort for every body shape and size. You can wear it shorter like a backpack or longer like a sling bag.

Product Details

Strong, durable taped hoops:Secured with a protective transparent layer to keep the beautiful colours away from foreign objects (dust, debris, bhuri nazar, etc.,)

The lightest taped hoops out there:'A sliver of shimmer' as we call them, these tapes defy the laws of Hoop Tape-istry with their thin yet durable material, not to forget that these hoops are made of 19 mm or 3/4" diameter HDPE tubing keeping the weight just under 250 g (depending on the size).

These hoops are custom-made featherweights. The slim design and material makes them lighter than most taped hoops on the market and much, much easier to use.

If you're a beginner or looking to level up in our specific style of flow, trust us on this.

Collapsible:The size of the hoop shrinks to half it's size when collapsed! Easy to store at home or in suitcases and backpacks when you're travelling. No more awkward fumbling with hoops in public transportation.

Each hoop comes with a snug hoop bag to make travelling with them a lot more hassle-free

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Customer Reviews

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Smritee S.
Very beautiful hoop

Looks beautiful and feels very good to hoop with it. Lightweight and colorful. Waiting for the twin hoops to be back in stock for my next purchase.