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Kids Hula Hooping Program

Kids Hula Hooping Program

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Get ready for a whirlwind of play with our Hoop Flo Kids Program this summer! This 4-week Hula Hooping bootcamp consists of 8 fun-filled sessions that are perfect for sparking creativity, boosting skill and coordination, and building confidence. It's great for beginners and budding hoopers alike!

Each batch gets a special treat: an exclusive class led by our founder and ace hooper, Eshna Kutty. Don’t miss the fun—hoop into the summer with us!

Age: 6-14 yrs 
Level: Beginner

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About the Program

What You'll Learn

This 4-week program will equip your child with the fundamentals of hula hooping, from mastering the basics to exploring a variety of tricks.

Over the weeks, your child will:

  • Master basic tricks like palm, waist and neck hooping.
  • Learn a range of intermediate on-body and off-body tricks, building hand-eye coordination and confidence. 
  • Develop a strong foundation in techniques like grips, planes, transitions and body control.
  • Understand terminology and trick mechanics that will allow them to explore new tricks and flows on their own.
  • Learn how to follow a choreography and perform with the rest of the class.

Final session hosted by Eshna Kutty and the instructors will be a 90 min choreography session combining all that the students learnt over the month. 

About our instructors

Our experienced instructors are ready to guide your child through and through! They bring both expertise and fun to every class, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning experience tailored for kids. Learn more about them here.

Recommended Hoop Size

It’s good to have two hoops for your kids for a faster learning curve. A bigger size for on-body hooping (30-33inch) and a smaller size for off-body tricks (24-28inch).

However, this doesn't mean they can't manage with a single hoop too.


The only pre-requisite for your kid is to know a basic level of waist hooping as we will be focusing on building on from there.

if your kid is a total beginner and you're looking to enrol them, drop us an email and we'll guide you on how your child can learn waist hooping in time for the program! Don't worry, a couple of days is all they need to crack it. :)