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About Us


Hello, Eshna here!
I founded this company after noticing a pattern: folks came to learn hooping but left more in tune with their bodies, radiating newfound confidence that outshone any hoop trick, as if the hoops whispered secrets of self-acceptance.
Recognising the need for accessible, lightweight hoops that don’t bruise, and tired of directing students to foreign brands, we rolled up our sleeves and created our own!


How it began

I started working on Hoop Flo alongside Grace and Ishita (with a little nudge from Yohan) in May 2020. The lockdown had made us all hungry for movement and connection and we had turned our living rooms into a virtual hoop playground. Even though we had never met till a year after we worked together, we built a foundation that still stands.

While many amazing people and cats have since shaped Hoop Flo, its spirit remains a blend of our original trio's personalities and hooping levels. Grace and Ishita don't work here anymore- but it would be a disservice to not mention their monumental role in shaping this.

If you've got a creative idea and want to work together, I'd love to hear it at eshna@hoopflo.com

  • 2020- 2023

    • Reached over a 4,000 new hoopers globally, through workshops, park jams, virtual events.
    • Went from a 3 person team to 7 member team
    • Organised  The Hoop Flo Tour- teaching in 13 cities of India.
    • Hosted multiple city workshops in USA, UK & Europe.
    • Hosted a Nike x Hoop Flo Workshop.
    • Downsized the company down to 2.
    • Stepped away from active promotion for a year, and navigated our values again.
  • What's changing in 2024?

    As I'm evolving, so is Hoop Flo. I no longer aim for us to be the "Walmart of Hoops". I'm excited to see new hoop businesses thrive; there's room for all of us.

    We're dialling it down to what matters – community and connection. Hoop Flo might not cater to everyone, but knowing it's touched some of you means the world to me.
    This means carefully crafted launches and onboarding new teachers who share a similar vision.
    And yes, #HoopForHope continues, with profits going to causes quietly ((internet trolls be damned!). I'll sneak you a link to our secret philanthropy club if you’re keen.

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