Size Guide

Good question!

If you're someone who would like to compare sizes and see what each hoop helps you achieve, I made this page just for you. Treat it the way you go shopping for denim jeans. The size of hoop you pick needs to fit your body type comfortably in order to get the hoop spinning. 





If you’re buying this hoop with the intention of joining my online program, I would ideally recommend one medium and one L/XL size both as it'll give you the comfort to enjoy both the on-body and off-body tricks that the program teaches.

If only one hoop is within your budget then go with your gut – what do you think you would like to nail first? Maybe the 36inch hoop would be a safe bet!

The ultimate goal is to be able to do everything with one hoop without having to switch. So again go with your gut – Are you ready to put in the extra effort with one hoop, or would you rather take it one day at a time with two?

Now you can decide!

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